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APPRECIATION OF COMMUNITY TRUST OF SOUTHLAND GRANT  Despite having one of New Zealand’s largest power stations as a neighbour the Deep Cove Hostel is totally reliant on producing its own electricity.  This is achieved by running a pipe line from a small dam some 200 meters up the Wanganella Stream to a hydro generator at the hostel. Originally installed by the New Zealand Army in the 1980’s indications are that the steel pipe is wearing very thin and it could burst at any time. Should this occur the only means of generating electricity for the hostel would be by using a diesel generator and some 7 litres of fuel per hour and its associated costs. The Deep Cove Hostel Trust is most appreciative for the support of the Community Trust of Southland (CTOS) who have granted a donation of $50,000 to assist with the cost of replacing the present pipeline with new plastic piping.